10 Thanksgiving Facts you may not know

10 Thanksgiving Facts you may not know

Thanksgiving 2017 is a day when your entire family sits down together for a meal and enjoys the feast, celebrate the holiday. If today, you have gathered around and shared your memories, you are a lucky enough, there would be numerous who did not find the opportunity to sit together and enjoy a family dinner on the fourth Thursday of November. Although there would be differences of opinions and awkward moments within the family, but sitting together around a dining table, and share a meal would create some attachments for sure.

If you do not know the history of Thanksgiving Day, I would like to share a little story, to make you familiarize with the day.

Thanksgiving Day is an American and Canadian festival, celebrated in both the countries in 2nd October and 4th Thursday of November, to this day, there is a national holiday, and people sit together with families and enjoy a dinner date. In that festival data, they enjoy different delicious dishes but turkey is considered to be the essential part of this meal. And Americans eats 46 million turkeys in each Thanksgiving day, I would like to tell you some more interesting facts about Thanksgiving day, I am sure you would be unaware of those facts. Read the full post to know all the unknown and hidden facts of Thanksgiving Day.

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10 Thanksgiving Facts you may not know;

Here are the 10 Thanksgiving History Facts you may not know.

10 Thanksgiving Facts you may not know (2)

1: Origin of Thanksgiving Day

The first Thanksgiving day, you do not know was held in Autumn of 1621, and the people who were the part of that first feast 50 Pilgrims which were migrated here in U.S.A to find a place to live accordingly their religious customs and 90 Wampanoag Indians. Originally there were 105 pilgrims who started their journey but could not survive the difficult time in U.S.A and died, five women were also part of that feast. Though many women were part of that group which started traveling, five could resist the difficult time of the first year.

2-In 1863 it became the National Holiday:

It was started in 1621 and about 200 years it was not the national holiday, women Sara Josepha Hale started to convince President Lincoln to make this holy feast day to a national holiday. The struggle of this singer woman to make this Thanksgiving Day a national holiday is impressive, she wrote a letter to Lincoln connectively 17 years and finally convinced him along with Congress.

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3-Turkey meat:

Now, turkey meal is considered to be an essential part of Thanksgiving meal, without of that meat, this way would be empty. As according to a research Americans eat about 40 millions of Turkey at that day. But, the first feast of Thanksgiving Day was without of this meat. But, what was the menu, either it was deer, chicken, oyster, lobster, eel, or it was pumpkins. Genuinely the meal was pumpkin without of pumpkin pies and cranberries.

There was no tradition before 1920 to watching football with family; it was started after 1920 when Detroit lines and Dallas started to host a game on this day

4-In 1924 Thanksgiving Day parade started:

Now, parades have also become an integral part of this day, it was started from 1924 in the United States of America.

The zeal and sensation to watch the parade of 2.5 KM route are unmatchable, 2,3 million spectators to watch this parade come out from their houses.

5-Fourth Thursday in November:

In starting when President Lincoln declared it a national holiday, he picks the 4th Thursday of November. Later on, President Roosevelt moves up this day a week, to help people in shopping and other stuff. But, after two years it was changed back two years later.

10 Thanksgiving Facts you may not know 3

6-No forks wherein the First feast of Thanksgiving Day

You would be amazed to know that there the first meal which was eaten on Thanksgiving Day was with knives and spoons, there were no forks where there. Originally forks were not introduced to plagiarism at that time, and at that time it was not the popular utensil to eat food until the 18th century. Later on, it became an integral part of every food to eat with. You would be wondering how one can eat without of Forks, but that is the hidden and unknown fact of fries Thanksgiving Day.

7-TV dinner:

As I mentioned above Turkey was not the part of the meal on this holy feast day, it was started in 1953 when a deer Swanson had so much extra turkey in his stock and was wondering about their sales.

A salesman gives him the idea, to stuff the one side of the turkey with sweet potatoes and the other side with chicken to make a delicious dish to present it on TV in the shape of TV dinner. The idea of TV dinner and eating of turkey with stuffing sweet potatoes and the chicken came from there.

8-Fast or feat:

In fact, the first Thanksgiving which was ended after three days, and whole three days both Wampanoag Indians and pilgrim enjoy the harvest was the fast of Pilgrim, they break the fast with the harvest which was presented by the Wampanoag Indians.

9-Buckled Hats:

At first Thanksgiving Day, the buckled hat or only black dress what we like to war was not used. This was started in the 17th century, the only reasons were the plagiarism like to wear black or white whole dress while worshipping.

10-Most Popular Holiday:

There would be no doubt about Christmas is the most popular holiday in U.S.A and after that Thanksgiving, days is the second most popular holiday.

There are some contemporary regarding this Thanksgiving days, a few narrow minded American finds this festival a black day when the European people started to occupy the land of America, and they called it a mourn festival.

President Jefferson called this Thanksgiving Day a ridiculous idea to make this day a national holiday which was conceived. But, overall the festival is entirely enjoyed by the major population of America, and according to a survey Average American consumes about 4500 calories in eating Thanksgiving Dinner and extra 1500 in snacks and wines.

You can be a hero by telling these hidden and unknown facts about Thanksgiving Day at the dinner table.


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